Alyssa Chloe´


Photo: Iza Boethius

Alyssa Chloe is an internationally recognized dancer/choreographer, hailing from Chicago and moving to New York City to pursue a career in dance. After absorbing and honing her craft in New York’s underground club scene, she is one of the leading force from her generation for her mastery of the styles Punking/Whacking and Vogue .

She has been featured in numerous videos ,film, and magazines such as Girl Walk//All Day and recently Kristina Issa’s ” You’re Not Mine”. She is a featured dancer in MoaKompani. Currently she is based in Europe and performs internationally and since 2012, Alyssa is an ambassador and leader of the LGBTQAI+ ballroom scene in Gothenburg, Sweden.  

In 2020 she was awarded the city of Mölndals and the Swedish Arts Council’s  work grant and scholarship.

You can hide behind perfect technique, costumes, makeup..etc ..however  when you are able to express  and reveal your inner truth through movement…that is the mark of a true artist ”