Alyssa Chloe´


Photo: Iza Boethius

Alyssa Chloe is an internationally recognized dancer/choreographer, educator, producer, and speaker who for 15 years has become is considered one of the leading, most diverse artists  within her generation for her interpretations of sister styles Punking/Whacking and Vogue .

Alyssa’s journey in dance began in Chicago , where she trained extensively in jazz. ,modern, and ballet in schools such as Joseph Holmes Dance Theater, Joel Hall Dance Theater, Hubbard Street Dance School and more. At 22 , she moved to New York City. where she was introduced to the underground club/street dance culture and began studying various styles of street dance including Vogue and an elusive dance form from the Los Angeles gay community  referred to as “punking/whacking and has collaborated with several of New York/LA’s finest street dance pioneers and choreographers  She is one of the leading dancers within her generation for her unique approach and interpretation of this particular style and has been featured in videos ,film, and magazines such as Jacob Krupnick’s film Girl Walk//All Day, Dazed Magazine, Dance Mogul to name a few.  She has taught, judged, and performed internationally.

Since 2012, Alyssa has been teaching and the artform of Vogue and introducing ballroom culture to Gothenburg. She which is actively ,involved in elevating the awareness and education of the artforms. In 2012, she founded Urban Anarchy, a concept which is actively ,involved in elevating the awareness and  education of the artforms of Punking/Whacking and Vogue through workshops, seminars, and more She is also one of the Co-founders and Producer of the Exposé Dance Festival dedicated to cultivating and building a bridge between Ballroom in Gothenburg and the world.  

You can hide behind perfect technique, costumes, makeup..etc ..however  when you are able to express  and reveal your inner truth through movement…that is the mark of a true artist ”