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Urban Anarchy Goes Online..

As we begin to adapt and transition into this new phase of teaching, I hope that you continue to support us artists, educators, and cultural practitioners. In the middle crisis, art and culture are often the ones that receive the least financial support, yet are often looked to as a means to find hope, escape and healing in these times. Please bear in mind, we are adjusting and adapting to this new normal, and to be patient, support, participate, and donate if you can. 

New online courses starting in May and through the summer.

Register 5 Week  Pre- Summer Vogue Course Via FB LIVE Here

Learn the history, origins, and techniques of both individual styles of Vogue and Punking/Whacking through weekly courses workshops, studiecircle, lectures, and performances. For those who want to experience and deepen their skills and understanding in these two artforms.

For Information Or To Register For Weekly ONLINE Courses go Here

For bookings for workshops,  private sessions, lectures on history of these artforms, performances leave a message Here


About Vogue and Punking/Whacking:

To Learn More About Vogue and Punking/Whacking Check out these links:

How the LGBTQ Community created Vogue

Punking: The Lost Art Form


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