Farewell 2014 … were a year full of extremes ,  contradiction , complexity,  highest of highs …the lowest of lows…all at once.  A year of firsts and lasts …beginning and endings…love and hate. ..laughter and sadness …births and deaths
…loss and gains……

people who i hoped would stay in life longer have suddenly vanished. .. while new friends have flooded into my life .

I only pray that whatever the universe has created this year brings us to a place of love, compassion , hope, faith , and progress ….most importantly I hope you have set the stage with living in truth and authenticity. 

I bid adieu to you 2014
..I can’t say I will miss you
But in due time I will realize the purpose and meaning of my experience you delivered. ….

Happy 2015!

Lucia Oriental 2014 , December 13th , Göteborg