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Text : Alyssa Chloé

Young/Old Soul, Pure/Raging Heart , Rooted/Rootless, A Work in Progress, A Piece of Work, Anarchist/Structured, Wanted/Unwanted, A Warm Heart/A Cold Society, Dreamer/Realist, Aware/Lost, Misunderstood/Clear, Poor/Rich in spirit, Logical/Emotional, Brilliant/Shadowed, Openhearted/Brokenhearted, Present/Unavailable, Vulnerable/Untouchable, Strength from Weakness/Progressive/Stagnant, Disillusioned/Hopeful, Passionate/Furied, Caught/Freed, A Rose with Thorns, Determined/Exhausted, Loved/Hated, Admired/Envied, Confident/Insecure, Expressive/Guarded, Lonely/Alone, Extroveert/Introvert, Ugly Duckling/Stellar Beauty, Alien/Human

Inner Thoughts