As the world turns to the new year…this is a time full of reflection, celebration and perhaps planning for the new year to come. But I have to say I declare 2013 my ‘lost’ year, because it was such a blur I can’t remember much from it. I guess moving around so much , has taken a toll on my memory bank temporarily. So I hope this new year is more memorable, meaningful, healthier and upbeat than this year ..

I wish everyone a safe happy new year…make it count


Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

An Encounter With Greatness

nadine matthews at 9:34 pm, December 31, 2013 - Reply

Well, you definitely remember you spent it in SWEDEN, right????? What a great accomplishment especially for an American (sad to say but we are not as well-travelled as we ought to be). That was inspiring to me and I bet others as well! I guess sometimes the meaningfulness is not only what it means to you directly but what it means to those watching you. Thank you and Happy New Year!!!