Maybe you will read this or not.

But Upon hearing the news of Nelson Mandela’s passing, I felt compared to write.  It is very rare we as a humanity experience and witness the extraordinary and greatness of public figures who fought for the freedom and wellness of humankind such as Mandela. We are taught  about them. We read about them. We see them on tv. We listen to them . We are  inspired to be better because of their vision , courage and action. They become the champions of humanity …heroes…whether they choose to be or not

Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa , Dalai Lama , Muhammad Ali

and list goes on …..

In a world, filled with fear, cynicism, skepticism , mistrust … is very rare , that we ever encounter such greatness , let alone witness it . And I can truly say, that I am very lucky to have encountered the light and extraordinary presence as Mandela.  Even as a young girl , the impact and meaning of Mandela’s release from prison resonated  with so many , young and old. So when the lucky day came, it was beyond belief.

One day, my mother got the  call , to play at a private reception at a Chicago hotel, just for Mr. Mandela and a few other dignitaries and politicians. She was allowed to bring me. So here I was , the only child at this exclusive reception , rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of Chicago politics and law.

And then he entered.

All I can say that I remember, is that compared to the  way he was portrayed in the media as the gracious, kind, gentle, warm, charismatic figure, he truly embodied and exemplified those characteristics in real life , from the highest of dignitaries, to a little  girl of the musician .

How many people can we say , are truly what they project to the public….how many times have we met our ‘heroes” only to realize , they are nothing like  what they want us to believe them to be , and  left us with a sense of disappointment.

I can say, that not only do I believe  Mandela as wonderful in person as the world knows him to be, but he embodied it.

And  as the moon rises in the sign of humanitarianism and unification, Aquarius, we bid farewell and remember the spirit of one of our true heroes for humankind. I hope his spirit empowers our greatest leaders, to push for the welfare, unification, healing, of our nations.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity and great pleasure to be in the same room with him ….

RIP Mandela


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