This November marks the return of the most exciting , spectacular, influential , pivotal ,  clubs in modern day history, the Legendary Hollywood club, Gino’s…who’s unabashed boldness, and defiance of barriers of freedom, in music, dance, lifestyles, mavericked a new movement in modern day art and history …….Led by the legendary DJ, Michael Angelo, who provided the soundtrack, the heartbeat, and the score , designed to challenge one to reveal, embrace, their inner truth and passion, and the legendary “punks” who became the physical manifestation  and the life force of this movement, Andrew Frank, Arthur, Tinker Toy, Billy Starr, Lonnie, Manoel,  China Doll, Fay Ray, Tommy , and many others, who would reveal these untold stories, and fantasies, while evoking the glamour of film stars and starlets …..this synergy would manifest and birth the artform known to be Punking, Posing, Whacking…..

Over 30 years later, since the closing of Ginos II the fervor and renaissance of sorts would slowly fade or evolve with the changing of  the times , depending on how one may choose to view it , with only a handful notable individuals keeping the spirit and the dance alive , reminding and reintroducing to us the beauty,  the drama, and the exhilaration of this culture and art form that was created out of it.

As we stand on the cusp of 2012, which to me , evokes the beginning of a shift towards us living more truthfully and a shift in our conscience,  Ginos heralds a return during a period of cultural and spiritual transformation..

Its no coincidence that its grand opening would be during the period of “Scorpio” which signifies, transformation , and rebirth, a la a “Phoenix”  ….with all of the elusiveness, perceptions, and smoke and mirrors that have been conjured around this movement, Gino’s resurrects from the ashes to reveal itself to show us and remind us once again, in the physical and spiritual sense, our truth, our passions, and our defiance of boundaries in movement , in behavior, in life….it comes back to unlock the chains that have been holding us back from revealing our truth ,  to give us a home to be free…….again, while embracing  the evolution of time…..

What an honor, it is to have been chosen to experience this ,as a guest performer for the grand opening.  The era of Ginos had ended in 1980, which 3 months later , marked my birth……yet , somehow 23 years later , after choosing to come to NYC to start “anew” , to be introduced to what I would consider the remnants  of  this movement, to have had the privilege of learning from the brilliant artists who have come to my path, serving as messengers   each introducing the hidden truths of this movement , while unknowingly, reinforcing ,revealing, and reaffirming my path…..this marks a turning point a full circle moment…..and an a ha moment for me all in one……a homecoming….