what do you want to be in the world ? What gets you out of bed in the morning? what motivates you? What inspires you?  What do you seek to achieve? what lasting impact do you want to make in the world?

These are all questions that we are conditioned as early as our childhood to consider…..and in adulthood, constantly continue be a theme in life, in one area or another….that we are forced to face…….

In dance or art , these are questions  manifest in many ways , at times more organic, while  dormant for some …

for some  its all just in fun, and being creative….just expressing yourself..

while for some its a choice, a serious choice, that requires special combination of focus, discipline, skill, and vision

For some its Fame,  Recognition, Ego,

For some, its a combination of all

With the increasing scrutiny of instant media, and instant fame thanks to youtube, reality shows, etc, however, the standards in dance has been redefined and established.

Once upon a time, there was a time where, if you were famous or respected , it was for your craft, it was partly because of your talent and ability…..not to dismiss the other factors that went in to  becoming well known, , but it was talent that drew attention, and discipline, hard work, and vision, that kept you relevant

Now in the era of instant Celebrity, and easy props thanks partly to youtube, and social media ,  partly to marketing,  politics, partly to nepotism, partly to naivete, skill, foundation, roots, talent, and vision, have somewhat taken a back seat…..to popularity contests…..and now , art and dance have been reflected back to us, often missing that ‘something’ , the depth , the soul, the essence…..the heart

…wishing that we longed for the days where  talent was cultivated and developed and respect was earned over time. And you had to participate in life in order to acheive this. While, TV may have introduced or inspired you, but ultimately, you had to go seek it in order to understand, know  feel it ….and ultimately LIVE IT!

Take it from the most famous Woman in the World , Entertainer Madonna, when asked about reality shows, talent shows, and instant fame ” Fame may get you in the door, but it wont keep you there”

so what do you want to be in this world? Leader,vs Follower, Innovation vs Status Quo, Quality vs Quantity, Fame vs skill, Love vs Money…….Instant Karma, vs Lasting legacy ,  …..the chance of a choice