Ego …Sometimes it brings out the very best in people ,sometimes it brings out the worst ….in either case, it exists. It is real…and we are as humans , nothing without it.

After all,  our life force , our drive, our sense of self is attributed to pure ego…..Who we think we are, and who we choose to be….and how this translates into our sense of reality in the everyday, mundane world in this thing we call life….

It brings balance between our conscience and our primal instincts …

We witness this all the time, everyday,

in the media, in our own professions,  a misplaced or imbalanced Ego, and the creation of a sense of delusion , narcissism, false sense of self, that can breed a state of chaos, confusion, insecurity , & disorder that can eclipse our internal light ….no matter how brilliant , heroic , or pioneering we may be…it can literally throw us off our path into an abyss of darkness in which we are forced to surrender to our demons…….and our state of higher consciousness is forever impaired……

However, When imagination , creativity, vision, intelligence, emotion merges with the expression of one’s ego  …it can transform and shape shift into great works of ART …..that can boldly move and inspire people to embrace our flaws and demons and purge move into a higher realm of expression, consciousness, awareness, and evolution…..

It is because of this , that we are able to move forward in our world, with a much deeper sense of awareness to the next level of human development, expression , and intelligence….

So Embrace,befriend, and play with your Ego responsibly…..and channel it into the world of creativity , imagination, and self- expression….a whole new world of  consciousness, happiness, clarity, and peace may await …..

Urban Masterpiece For Human Rights