Jessep: You want answers?
Kaffee : I think I’m entitled to them.
Jessep: You want answers?
Kaffee: I want the truth!
Jessep: You can’t handle the truth!

This famous line from the movie “A Few Good Men”  seems to be the heralding theme in the street dance community…from the young, bushy eyed, eager enthusiasts who are just discovering this world and calculating their alliance , to the experienced , seasoned , artists who are at their peak , evolving to the next phase of their respected careers….the one theme that seems to bind us all is that age, ole word , TRUTH…

Truth in every sense of the word, about ourselves, our past, about our place in the world. Truth about our relevance, or contribution to the bigger picture…..Truth about our ability….and potential ….

I cant tell you how many times , especially in my specialty , that I have been approached by students and novices who ask about history, who some genuinely have hopes of digging deep to get to the heart of the dance, while some carry on with the hope of receiving some validation of what they “like” or perception of what they choose to recognize in the dance ……

Until the truth slowly begins to be revealed……and it challenges every perception of what they believe the dance is…then the level of disappointment ensues, in either the feeling of believing they were mislead, or the feeling that they are being attacked or challenged personally for what they choose to align themselves with.

Or when people are forced to confront their own truth , and it triggers a flood of ego centric behaviors, and self defense mechanisms to protect their relevance , legacy, and business…..

Yet, we all want to know the truth……but do we really? or do we only want it when its convenient..

the choice it yours

Dance Mogul Magazine Interview