I woke up this morning, to quite a beautiful story of unparalleled Courage, Passion, Discipline, Commitment…..

being one who is intrigued and fascinated by stories of unhappy, fairly successful individuals, who give up their lucrative, yet unfulfilling careers, to pursue,  a more passionate, more involved, happier life….my ears perked up …..during a time I normally would be sleeping….

It was a story of a man, who had pursued a career in corporate America, and was unhappy and unfulfilled….at the age of 30 …..and who had taken a courageous risk to live a more passionate, fulfilled , happier life….in Golf….

Inspired by Matthew Gladwell’s New York Times Best Seller “Outliers: The Story of Success” , this man, has chosen to take Gladwell’s Theories presented in the book, more specifically, the theory that in order to become an expert in a particular field, it would take 10000 hours, or approximately 10 years to become an expert or master of a particular skill. The book also explores the theories, of opportunity and legacy and uses real life success stories to support his study.

Since, this man at the age of 30, doesn’t want to wait til 40 to have any regrets, he has chosen to dedicate and focus himself to 10000 of practice, for his passion in Golf….exclusively..to find ultimate happiness and fulfillment….

Funny enough, I have noticed over the last year, the increased stories of huge “success” stories like these, of people who have had everything we are conditioned to believe success to be, money, fame, prestige, and are miserable.

For example, take the multi millionaire director, of the movies Nutty Professor, and Bruce Almighty , Tom Shadyac, who led a typical Hollywood lifestyle, mansion in Beverly Hills, Fancy cars, invitations to lavish,posh parties, and still felt empty….

it wasn’t  until he underwent a horrible accident, that left a traumatic post-concussion syndrome, that led him to reassess his mortality…

“Facing my own death brought an instant sense of clarity and purpose,” he says in his film. “If I was, indeed, going to die, I asked myself: What did I want to say before I went? It became very simple and very clear. I wanted to tell people what I had come to know. And what I had come to know was that the world I was living in was a lie.”

“[We have] a very extrinsic model of success,” he explains. “You have to have a certain job status, a certain amount of wealth. … I think true success is intrinsic. … It’s love. It’s kindness. It’s community.” -Tom Shadyack

After exploring and researching the writings of poets, philosophers, scientists, he concluded three major themes that are at the core of his film “I AM”

1. It is scientifically proven that the entire human race is connected.
2. It is human nature to be cooperative rather than competitive.
3. If you don’t do what your heart wants you to do and follow your passion, it will destroy you

I will also add, to this as George Michael Simply stated “you gotta have faith” ….belief that all things and people placed in your path before you, is all you really need in your present moment…

i have to admit, 10 years , at the tender age of 21, I was completely unhappy..being surrounded by people who denied  and prevented me directly and indirectly  the chance to pursue my passion of life of art , creativity, and dance…..when it was clear, it was my what in my heart resonated with me……so I  ran far away, for fear that at 30, i would regret doing so ….. for the lights of NYC, not knowing one single person , throwing my fate in the hands of faith, that if it was meant to be, that God would give me my ball back, in a way i couldn’t have imagined…….

and HE did…..and almost 10000 hours of 10 years later, my pursuit of my passion, has giving me a platform and opportunity to express myself in a way that I would have never guessed I would be doing as a 21 year old….and although, there are frustrations and struggles along the way mainly from the politics outside world, my relationship with my craft, still remains passionate, and fascinating as ever. I am still committed to exploring , and mastering all different aspects associated with my craft…so i guess , i am on the right path…..

And, although I have a natural ability and intelligence, its my passion that makes has made it easy to put 10000 hours or 10 years, to commit to…in fact i think 10000 hours may be too short …..

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