We all remember that old saying  ” GO HARD OR GO HOME”….meaning to give everything you have of yourself wholeheartedly , or just pack up and go home …..

Commitment, Determination, preserverence , the most important lesson , Patience….in all that we approach in life ….

This drive and urge , and classic all american principle i imagine, that motivated athletes to achieve the impossible, or everyday people, in the most challenging of circumstances, to become leaders in the world…

Its what  launched and created the artforms that have remain relevant to us til this day….

A collective group of individuals in a culture, who had so much creativity, emotions, and imagination, that they needed to express for whatever reason/s , that they ” Go Hard , or Go Home” …for every inch of movement , had a meaning, it was part of a sentence, it punctuated a point. There was no room , for misunderstanding….

They poured their hearts, their souls, their stories, on the floor, and it manifested in the form of many artistic expressions…so much so, that it became recognized  and emulated by the masses ..There was no room for shortchanging…..its was total , unabashed , commitment to oneself, and expression of self that defined excellence, pure liberation, and unihibition

no boundaries, no compromise…

but now as years pass, and we have come to revisit  what made this artforms as powerful and impactful as they are,  maybe we have forgotten , so much so , that  in this fast paced world of virtual insanity…..compromise, and settling for the staus quo, often overshadows the mantra of our forefathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers, Go Hard or GO HOME …..has became, compromised ,contraint., and hackneyed.

it has become an era where we adjust  or compensate  are inability to fully commit to ourselves  to the integrity of the art in every sense imaginable…and its applauded….for good measure, out of political correctness…because its “fun, and easy!” forgetting, that this at one point was direct result of a livelihood…and all that entails…the good, the bad, the ugly….that’s what birthed most of these artforms

So, since when , do artists ever settle their expression for political correctness or the status quo? wasnt the job of the artist , is to breakdown the barriers of life to reconcile , embrace, expose and what other dimensions this world has to offer , to make people think, to make people feel and experience one another and the world  on another level…isnt this what makes art, relevant and stand the test of time….

or do we decide to smile through it and play it safe……..and live life on the surface level…..

Shh: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell