Remembering our Icons : Don Cornelius Creator and Host of Soul Train

While 2012 was destined to be the year of the inevitable….in the midst of our transition, we had to say goodbye to icons, who changed the face of culture as we know it to be…it seemed this year, was the year , we had to face the shock and sadness of their passing…yet ,…we honor and remember and reminisce about the gift they all left us behind to be able to carry on ..yes this was the year to remember yesteryear and its innovators

So here’s to the Icons RIP:

as  the big 2012 opened, in less than month ..we were faced with the tragic loss of  Soul Train Creator Don Cornelius .who reminded us of the era of soul, before MTV, SYTYCD, he created the vehicle for street dancers to be exposed  for the world to see was trendy and the place to be, before it was even considered trendy….I remember Saturdays at 12 pm, it didnt matter what you were doing or needed to do …the world paused for that hour to take in what was on Soul Train..the Dancers, the outfits, and of course the notable singers that stopped by…yet the dancers, remained and still do the Stars of the hour. ….in this era where it seems soul is left on our fingertips to youtube or to the fast lane , cut and paste approach to dance , or when dancers are just thrown in the background behind a singer …Soul Train and Don Cornelius vision marked an era of liberation and the birth of creativity…in an era where it was all we had….the love of music, and the energy to express and unleash it and Shine  …in the midst of the concurrent liberation that was rampant in America…Soul Train showed the was cool to be free and express that freedom…..

Can we think of a world  without  a Soul Train especially for  dancers…..I dont even want to consider it …

I will never forget , no matter where you were, or what you were doing, on Saturday at 12pm, you made us watch, dance, and believe,  Soul Train, it was a light in our day…

RIP Don Cornelius…

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