Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder

Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder









Single Album Cover for I Feel Love

The number of songs that the Queen of Disco, along with producers like Giorgio Moroder had created that instantly became the soundtrack of  the love generation , This particular classic, that  evoked the essence of Venus (love and sensuality ) blended with the  ethereal and illusion of love (neptune)  became the Gay Anthem …but it also set the stage of the shift into electronica, techno , new wave dance music. Released in 1977, Moroder and Summer’s innovative peak into the future of music, changed the sound of club music forever…and its truly one of my favorites …who knows ,  in the past life I may have danced to it at Studio 54….LOL !!

Thank you Donna and Giorgio…for giving the world , one of the greatest songs  of all time…..and changing the way we would listen to dance music forever…

Here is Donna in her VH1 concert special from 1999 performing this classic

Donna Summer : I Feel Love (1999)



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