Screenshot from my scene in Girl Walk//All Day with Dai Omiyadir: Jacon Krupnick

Screenshot from my scene in Girl Walk//All Day with Dai Omiya
dir: Jacob Krupnick

After about a year and half, of the making of this labor of love, simply known as  Girl Walk//All Day that mobilized from the enthusiastic response of Kickstarter , this movie continues to captivate and move audiences worldwide with its infectious optimism of the joys of dance.

When I was invited by Anne and Director Jacob  to participate in this feature, I had no idea what I had just became a part of…but it sounded like an interesting film with a different point of view than most dance films to date. On the day of the shoot, it was sweltering hot in NYC that day ,  and we had essentially  very few chances to nail the scene with  The Gentleman (Dai Omiya) and myself’s encounter ….and ultimate rescue by The Girl (Anne Marsen) .  hoping we didn’t totally ruin my outfit..and how much fun it was to push a guy around lol..(Sorry Dai)

 But I didn’t realize the impact  the spirit and the message  of this film would have audiences worldwide until the premiere with thousands of people there to witness the joy of this film… and I am happy to have had  a small part in it

….and over a year later ,  the reviews continue to pour in…..

Girl Walk//All Day Listed #7 on the Best Films List of 2012

Time Out Magazine 

“There is exuberance to burn in Jacob Krupnick’s Girl Walk//All Day,” a feature-length music video comprising constant dancing and the citizenry of New York City.”

New York Times


“Girl Walk//All Day Might Be the Best Movie of the year”

The L Magazine


“Girl Walk // All Day is a film for everyone who caught themselves dancing in public to the music in their headphones and just didn’t care.”


Congratulations to the team behind Girl Walk//All Day , Director, Jacob Krupnick,  star Anne Marsen , co -stars Dai and John and the rest of cast and crew of this project.  It was a blast being a part of it !

May it continue to bring joy to audiences worldwide…

To see excerpts of the film Girl Walk//All Day or request a screening , go to :





Happy New Years 2013