Breakin’ n Enterin‘  from 1983 , was a classic documentary taking us into the world of the West Coast Street Dance  and Hip Hop Culture during  the beginning  . This documentary , is what was the inspiration , to one of the classic, cult films , Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo , and the rumored Breakin 3 . Once upon a time, this documentary was only had by handful of street dancers and  enthusiasts in their collection , never to be publicly aired or shared…

Thanks to Youtube, and other video sharing networks, generations young and old, can now access this documentary and enjoy this rare gem , however, it seems that every time this documentary is uploaded, they always find a way to cut out certain scenes from the film . So now, the viewer, doesn’t get to see the full range of  dance legends that were featured, artists like Pop n  Taco, Ana Sanchez, and more…all on the cutting room floor. Yet, their scenes are just some of best highlights of the  film.

That is until now

Luckily, I was able to find one of the lost scenes from the movie, and have found the whole scene that is available on Youtube, and is also on my channel , Mavericks of Movement.

This scene in particular features street dance legends , Shabba-Doo , Boogaloo Shrimp, Pop N Taco ,  Ana Sanchez  each giving a quick lesson and history in each of their respected styles  and getting busy with rapper Ice T on mike…

There was a reason why they were included..and they not only deserve to be recognized as part of this historical documentation, but it was one of the best moments in the film..

…Interestingly enough,  while this documentary showcases and highlights some of the styles to emerge from the West Coast, there is one influential dance that is significantly left out (except for Ana’s Solo in the scene)  and  not discussed ;  Punking (whacking) …which clearly was an important dance in LA , especially to the leads of the film. (Could it be , because of the Homophobic stigma that the dance is associated with, that could have kept people silent about it? hmmm…..)

Here is the whole scene featuring Shabba-Doo, Boogaloo Shrimp , Pop N Taco, Ana Sanchez , Mr.Smooth

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Enjoy and be inspired…