valentinojpgWhen you think of high fashion, no one is more synonymous with Haute Couture at its finest as Valentino. For 5 decades, he has dressed some of the most famous, high-powered women in history , from the White House, to Royals , to Hollywood . He has defined the epitome of elegance. His intuition for re envisioning a women’s silhouette , with  elegance , simplicity and flare. He is so in tuned with women, that his pieces take on a life of their own, full of stories, that reflect a woman in many facets of life and have became their friends.  From Jaqueline Kennedy’s week of mourning, for President Kennedy, to Elizabeth Taylor ‘s Spartican creation, to the academy award winning moment of Julia Roberts,  to Princess Diana’s newly found independence  to the Crown Princess of Greece Wedding Dress, To Oprah…Valentino  has proven why his designs have stood the test of  time and why women have trusted him in the most definitive moments of their lives.

The Somerset House in London has devoted their South Wing, to celebrate 50 years of fashion of Valentino. The exhibit takes you inside of the House of Valentino, from personal invitations, personal photos, Handwritten Letters. Then , we are treated to a once in a lifetime opportunity to walk a catwalk full of Valentino fashions , from the 50’s to 2008, including famous Vintage Valentino worn at Academy Awards by Julia Roberts and recently Anne Hathaway. (if the size of the mannequin reflects the size of the actresses and models,  definitely not for the average woman.) An assortment  of colors,  chiffon combined with embroidered lace of diamonds and pearls, mink trimmed sleeves,  the animal prints , fine tuned  luxury, on an endless catwalk  is a woman’s dream and why its worthwhile to have a trusted Valentino ( if you can afford to )

Then we are treated to the opportunity to virtually witness The House of Valentino at work, as they finely hand-craft intricately detailed embroidery fabrics, and patterns that eventually become the stunning fashions that we covet to have. (among the highlights, Valentino’s trademark paging technique, that is created into stunning jacket) …Valentino’s collection explores the current , yet futuristic vision that made his work innovative, unique , and  timeless. Valentino clearly, did  not follow the trend…but has defined them

And the women love him for it ….as well as the dance world… the New York City Ballet recently celebrated Valentino in their 2012 Gala, as he stepped out of retirement to design the costumes for the occasion.

If you are in London, and you are in to fashion, runway, glamour, or art, this exhibit is definitely a must to see.  But be careful,  the itch to own a piece Valentino will be very seductive, (especially with the end of the exhibit , which features Valentino clothing and perfume for purchase. ) ……I literally had to run …

For more information about this exhibit Valentino: The Master of Couture , click HERE

Take in this exquisite display of history , fashion and art , though  the eyes of Valentino

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