Göteborg_in_moon_light ..Unfortunately , Hollywood never got around to making that movie, but it is nonetheless, very interesting.  And very much an adjustment…especially when you are not used to being an immigrant. In America, we take it for granted, and even for some abuse the privilege of being a native. Its truly a wake up call when you leave…especially outside of New York City… from understanding language, to telling time, to money and more. Anyone who will tell you living a new country is easy..is lying.  I dont know how people can adjust from country to country so easily, and to those who do , and have….I take my hat off to you…Nonetheless, as difficult as it is to integrate into society, its a great opportunity and learning experience, that I think especially as an American, is worth the journey. Living in America and adapting to a Swedish life, introduces a new perspective that is intangible and depending on what kind of personality you are, either will rub you the wrong way, or will make you see life in another way.

Oh how I miss, the shopping and the accessibility of NYC , or even London …and the ease of communication, telling time, going to my favorite food spots…having unlimited choices (depending on your pockets) of cultural events….

But how I am beginning to enjoy, to fresh air, the clean  streets nestled within nature, the cafes, the fresh food , the fika, and Swedish  hospitality …..

This article written by another American from New York in Sweden….shares a very entertaining point of view about life in Sweden, for an American. And its truly on the money for anyone who may be curious…its really insightful

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