Check out the latest issue of Dance Mogul Magazine featuring a plethora of dancers, choreographers, pioneers, from the industry as well as  the uderground community who have all made contributions to dance to empower the community…including yours truly..

dancemogul“Congratulations Alyssa Chloe you have been selected to be in the latest featured issue of Dance Mogul Magazine for your outstanding work and community relations” -Dance Mogul

Thank you Dance Mogul for allowing me to be among this long list of  artists who strive to do great work in dance and the community.

For those who are not familiar with Dance Mogul Magazine , check out this letter from the editors and creators of this magazine who are making strives to unify, expose, uplift, and give a voice to this dance community. And be on the lookout , because they are on the rise…

From the Desk of Dance Mogul :

“Dance Mogul Magazine is proud to present to you our latest issue the Vlado Special Edition. Our latest issue features Chris Grant on the cover as he celebrates the work he did along with a team of other choreographers for Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance this year. Chris’s work can also be seen in Michael Jackson’s “This is it”, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Rowland and more. Chris is not the only big name to be featured; you will also see Chuck Maldonado on the cover. Chuck’s work can be seen on The X-Factor , in Step it Up Revolution and Stomp the Yard. Recently Chuck traveled to Africa to shoot his latest project and learn more about the African Dance Culture.

If that is not enough we have Richard “Richy Squirrel” Jackson a power house in his own right. Richy’s work can be seen with artist such as Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and more. We are also proud to announce we are featuring the God Father of Hip Hop on the cover Mr. Afrika Bambaataa the leader and founder of Zulu Nation along with Graffiti Hall of Fame winner Slone, other chapter members will be featured on the inside of the magazine. From the Superbowl to Hollywood to the Movies and the streets dancemogulmagazineinsetjpgDance Mogul magazine is determined to be the leading publication that unites all aspects of our culture, Music, Dance, Art and more.

To conclude, we gave special attention to featuring more female dancers and the work they are doing in the community. In addition, we are highlighting teachers and everyone that has a story that could help inspire others. This issue combines the best of the Streets, Corporate, Hollywood and more it truly embraces our purpose “Inspiring Self Empowerment”.

We are now excepting pre-orders.

We are currently asking all our readers, subscribers, supporters and everyone that was featured in all three magazines to make this image your profile picture in an effort to show a united front and support for our culture, community and all those that have died for us to enjoy the freedoms we are enjoying today. We now have one voice.



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