Its a New Year , New Term, New Times just to inspire you to be the best you can be and to explore another part of yourself. It is the perfect time to take your dancing to the next level of self-expression and creativity while being absolutely flawless. So why wait ? So come and take part in the array of classes available to you in your own back yard starting tomorrow, Monday , January 13

… Remember , that in order for these classes to continue, you must support…you must let your presence be known. So take a risk  and try something new and  be part of the revolution to bring more versatility , creativity, and freedom of expression to the forefront. Don’t be shy or afraid to break out of your comfort zone or be the one left on the outside wishing you can participate. It will be well worth it and you will feel good knowing that you have more dance “languages” under your belt.

For the schedule go here 

See you my friends , in class!


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