Now Speaking of Madonna, if you haven’t noticed the media blitz surrounding her ,  her movie premiere,her unforgettable, super bowl performance,( which by the way, I thought was amazing that she was able to make it through the show with a pulled hamstring, and 5 inch heels, )  that had EVERYONE talking,

and of course her now infamous thoughts on Lady Gaga’s Born this Way / Express Yourself Comparison, “Reductive”

her single and video release “Gimme All Your Luvin”  off of her latest album pre super bowl, has a haunting resemblance  to another classic cheerleading, pop anthem, Toni Basil’s ” Mickey” as well as her numerous performances and television appearances that she choreographed , directed, and performed that incorporated marching bands, cheer leading, and more

According to the New York Times Super Bowl Review: 

NY TIMES “As a chorus line of cheerleaders filled the stage, Madonna grabbed golden pompoms for “Give Me All Your Luvin’,” which has a handclapping beat reminiscent of Toni Basil’s 1982 “Mickey.”

Now if that was the feeling she was going for, perhaps in her upcoming tour, we will see her acknowledge or pay homage the original, after all, Madonna is known to perform her own takes and sample other people’s classics from time to time

I mean we know Culture is all 360 but this is a little apparent? in the words of Madonna maybe this is a bit too  “Reductive” ?

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