As sit at my computer , and I write this….I write with a very heavy heart……

For the past few articles in this blog that I have written, have all led with the theme of 2012…of cherishing our freedom to express, to create….and the reminders and symbols in our universe whether it be in joyous, festive occasion, or an informative narration challenging our complacency or oblivion to lead towards an awareness of who we are..and appreciation of our gifts , and the freedom to express..

Or in the haunting , reality of mortality , of cultural icons, who have been an integral part of our lives , our upbringing, our existence.   Whom have in some way have inspired, enlightened, reminded us of the possibilities , of the power , strength,  capabilities , of the light of the divine that dwells within us  , and the crippling struggles and demons that overshadow us , test us, that walk with us, and sometimes, tragically overwhelms us , that remind us of our humanity……

I cant tell you how much sadness i felt to hear of Whitney Houston’s death…..It brings tears to my eyes as I write this…It was strange to hear it

….It wasnt quite like the news of MJ’s passing in the sense that it was just so unbelievable, shocking, and unexpected, we never saw the signs of MJ’s dependency issues per se, it came out of left field…so it was a bit more harder to process

….Whitney’s news , however, well, it was hurtful, to know that our fear for her, well it became a reality…

She was the Voice of a generation, there was Billie Holiday , There was Mahalia Jackson, There Was Ella Fitzerald, Sarah Vaughn, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross,Patti Labelle and so so many more each generation

Im proud to say in my generation , we had  Whitney Houston…..Who since 1985, was the voice that was part of my soundtrack in life….so myself and so so many others….her gift, was a living testament of God’s presence, and she gave until the end…..She had this unique combination, which is so rare in a superstar, in that she was so beautiful, so gifted, so poised, so elegant, that was so untouchable,she was the pinnacle of what one could achieve

yet, she seemed  down to earth , funny, fun loving, sassy , girl next door, homegirl……and that is what made her  accessible to us… She moved us….and She made you care about her …not just because of the Voice, but because she was also one of us…..Even while the media took what ever shots they could on her, it didnt matter, because, for those who recognized and embraced Whitney’s talent, her divinity, we always wished for her to overcome her demons, and Triumph , bask in the light of love and happiness….and shine ! Yet it alluded her, until the end…..

Its hard to believe that she has been in our lives for as long as she has, she accomplished so much and touched us so many times in so many ways, that it seems that she has just been around forever, that she would be around forever….

but Forever Came this weekend……and no matter how much time passes us by, we will remember the day , when the world, held its breath….in the news of her inevitable fate…..again , serving as the painful reminder, to cherish, our freedom gift to express, and the gift of life…..

God Bless You Whitney, and thank you for sharing your gift and touching our lives…and know that you were and will always be loved…..God bless her family during this very difficult time…i hope they find peace …..

And in honor of Whitney, I want to go ahead and  Dance With Somebody…..and I hope she is somewhere at peace , dancing in the light……

Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon