RIP to the Queen and First Lady of Disco, Donna Summer

Today, will always forever etched in our memory, to those who grew up with the backdrop of disco as the soundtrack of our lives, as the day, Disco died……

the reigning voice, diva, icon, of this movement, this revolution, has left us….with a flood of memories, that inspired us after we worked hard for the money, to shed no more tears, find some hot stuff to  tame the little bad girl in ourselves and  to take a chance on  the last dance, to love to love, feel love…..for could it be the magic that only heaven knows …

it so ironic, that i wrote about my pursuit of my passion in the article before, in the shadow of her imminent death…..the timing was so uncanny…for her voice, and her music , is what inspired mine, her music was my friend…

I recall as a teen/young adult , not being allowed to leave my house, to socialize, to dance , or anything … I would escape through music….Disco, soul , funk , rock music.  I would turn up the radio to an all disco station and just lose myself in the music and imagine what is what like, the fashion, the music, the dancing….just wishing i could have known

and Donna was the ultimate image of Disco ,in my eyes, beautiful , fashion icon , angelic voice, with the perfect dance music, just to kick off the evening of escape….even Diana Ross probably even took a hint from Ms.Summer…..

In fact, even Barbara Streisand, was inspired to change her tune, and launch into the Disco Sound thanks to Donna ….

Her music, was so interwoven in my existence, that when i finally left home and was introduced to the new york Underground, there was her voice, along with so many …..and i was home…..and was granted permission to finally enjoy her music, where it really flourishes, on the dance floor….

Thank you and rest in peace ….Donna, you were the heartbeat of our expression …and will forever continue to be …..

and with that said…..There will be No More Tears!

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