Once Upon a Time, there was a place where passion and purpose thrived.  it was the water to thirsty…it was air to the fire…..it is was the pulse of our inner drive…

It was a place where we  purged the shadow of darkness ,and surrendered  into the light’s embrace of creativity and artistry …that birthed great works that resonated and elevated the collective conscious

It was place where  the disenfranchised, the neglected, the underrated, expression rose to created a new movement and medium , redefined the voice of generations

But as time gone by, and these forms reached elevated heights of fame,  the very essence of these forms started to fade….giving way to the material world of superficiality…..

organic way of living , has given way to the artificial , quick and easy fix road …..for greatness …

unabashed Innovation has given way , to recycled , the  hackneyed  ideas from the past

And the collective conscious has fallen under the condition of acceptance, apathy, boredom,  and indifference…..

and in this world , artist who defined and created genres , have been deemed as irrelevant and forgotten

and thus, the extraordinary is shoulder to shoulder with the ordinary….

and we have allowed  the state of numbness …..to rule

Is 2012,  the cataclysmic year we wake up from this state of oblivion, to be reminded of the time we once existed and thrived in.. to reconcile and acknowledge with our past, to find our way back to future full of new life, energy, creativity? to remind us how precious gift of expression  is to reveal  the unspoken stories and desires that lay deep within us …

time will reveal …….

and to the artists who continue to honor their expression and integrity…..stay strong, stay true, and keep the faith…..

The Shadow of Disco