As we are born, we are all placed into the hands of our trusted , caretakers and parents…..for safety, nourishment, comfort, and guidance….we are automatically taught, that we must surrender and obey to their word. “Do as I say, not as I do”  in order to begin the journey of what it is be able to navigate this road we call life. ….as massive as this undertaking is , it is the simple, uncomplicated  things in life, that bring us the most joy , the biggest things in life……thanks to the gift  of imagination…

As we grow up , our need for , to explore and settle every curiosity and desire that one could imagine becomes bigger and complex, we start to dream of the life that potentially awaits, we start to explore the lighter and the darker sides of life, that leave the wisdom of the blessings or scars that are forever tattooed on our hearts ….relationships evolve, and new lessons and concepts are introduced to us, and of course we naturally chose to rebel as the old regime of “do as I say, not as I do” becomes hypocritical, and the spirit of  ” I will do what I want to do ”  As to exert our own  declaration of Independence and freedom laced with a huge dose of naiveté..

Then we become adults, and we begin the journey alone, to establish who we are , to find out who we are, to gain the empowerment to stay true to who we are…..

A lot of times, there are so many paths to life that await us, it becomes hard to choose. But we make a choice..and with that choice, the universe opens the doors and windows, to guide us through this sometimes , exhilarating, and uncertain territory yet to be explore….sort of like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ… on the yellow brick road

And like Dorothy, along the way , there are people who are placed on the path of discovery, to help guide through the way , who carry out the journey to the coveted Wizard ……and who fulfill their destiny in one’s life while you fulfill one of their own ……you become each other’ s teacher, each other’s guide……and turn to that great Wizard to be able to solve , or cure whatever seems to hold you down, from being happy, from moving on to the next evolutionary journey  of one’s life…..

Well, that is until you realize, that the Wizard or anyone else for that matter, has nothing for you …..the only one who has the power , is really you ……to create whatever life, or story, or destiny you choose…..The lesson of the journey isn’t in the result, or the quick fix, it was the lessons, friends, enemies,  and complications  of the journey, that brings you back to home base. The simple things in life…..

We all have are granted with the gift of imagination, and lead very inspired lives….discovering a part of our nature , , that consumes us and drives us to express and create. Then of course, we meet individuals that touch our lives and inspire us to envision life and our approach to life in a whole other way. They kick down that door, to introduce us to a bigger world that awaits, and offer us the tools and keys  , to harness our creative expression  to be able to navigate within it ..

Sometimes , we listen, sometimes we regretfully don’t…..

sometimes, we listen TOO MUCH….and we allow our power fall into the placement of someone’s hands

and then, we become crippled, by the despair, of opinions, of judgement., and regulations of others, and that huge world of wonder, becomes overwhelming, and complex, draining……and you become lost …

…as this becomes the year of the changing of the guard…..the world right now is purifying itself to make way for our new regime for human existence that awaits us .. There is no room for lost souls,or military mentalities  in this world. of 2012.

The world is making a way for us inspired individuals who are willing to take a risk, to have the courage to be who they are….. to rise and be heard…..not because someone said so, not because , someone gave you permission to do so, but because you are enabled with the gift of imagination and the power of ones’ own life experience to do so…..

and while honoring and respect for the paths, the wisdom , the training , the guidance of individuals in our lives, is a necessity, at the end of the day, we are left to survive on our own. We are left to define who we are, without the remnants of association, of being recruited into a “war” or “fight”  in a world we did not create or make…..

, be courageous, and embrace the you that will emerge……

welcome to the age of the inspired ……

Go Hard! or Go Compromise!