I suppose everything and everyone has a price…….so I am told…I mean we all have to live, and survive. no matter what we have to do to maintain it. However, there is this little thing called Passion that you can tap into that makes the journey to success that much more sweet. With passion, then all of the trials, that come with life, seems worth it, and if you have a passion for a topic, it is encouraged to learn everything you possibly can about it to allow it be your livelihood….then eventually the money will come

well sort of

it would be somewhat ideal, if this is indeed the easiest path to fulfillment, achievement, and excellence..but now I’m not so sure

I remember there a time when , if you decided to take class from a teacher…… were there to learn and take in whatever lessons the teacher would offer to encourage advancement. And as a student, you were expected to practice appropriate etiquette and listen to the teacher, otherwise you would be made an example of , and or, asked to leave and get your money back. As strict and old school as that may sound, quite of few of those dancers went on to become brilliant artists and professionals in other areas in their own right. There wasn’t a price for greatness….it was earned……even if you were the one paying the money , you were there to learn and excel….and would not be let off the hook, until you fulfilled your duty as a student

this was even depicted in the classic first episode of Fame by Lydia

“you want fame, well fame costs, and right here is where you start paying , in sweat”

Nowadays,that concept , seems like an anomaly.  I cant tell you the number of students who come in and pay ridiculous amounts of money, to take class, and waste it …..because they choose not to take advantage of the opportunity to learn , embrace, and grow as artists…..

instead, they use the fact that they spend money on a class, with someone well known, and don’t learn or practice or even  listen to the teacher as they attempt to correct them, and  use their fleeting presence, to validate their abilities and skills for themselves as teachers, placing them in a heritage they never really earned their place in to begin with ,  while pulling the wool over many novices eyes. with one drop of a penny..

and while the novices fall under their spell, they are slowly robbed of the opportunity to experience the passion of the art, while the teachers are laughing to the bank ,  achieving fame, and being revered , all from spending a few extra dollars to take a notable teacher’s class……

but I guess that is the choice to be made in the game of the survival of the fittest…that is the standard for greatness now.and the easiest road traveled….. “do what you have to do” to achieve fame …even if it cost you a couple of dollars and some integrity….

Tattoo of Identity (Independence)