Well , here we are…another year almost gone…and each year flies faster with time…
And 2012, well, with so much speculation and warnings for decades , about the great Apocalyptic, 2012…although the end of the world didn’t strike us yet, it still proved to be as eventful and dramatic as ever. It was the year of transition and transformation …on a global level and on a personal level. It seemed to be the year to begin to bind the world and the people as one entity. As something on the global scale manifested, it hit home.
And on a personal level…whatever wasn’t working in your life..whatever was outdated , or causing unhappiness…became increasingly painfully the point ignoring and coping with it ..wasn’t enough…slowly these forces were being cleared away

Whether it be the impact of the forever changing unpredictable weather patterns , that grippled parts of the world…to the appointment of World Leaders to lead us into an uncertain the majesty of the London Olympics that brought the world the great artists who we said goodbye to that now leave us to wonder what the future holds…

Dear 2012, although it wasn’t the year for the made it clear, that it is the year of growth and transition…a

uncertainty..the future looks even more foggy….but it was the  opportunity to align ourselves with our potential for authenticity and most important happiness…to be able to carry on in an uncertain future in faith.

So was the stuff that movies are made of…but the message was clear….
Now onto 2013, where the message of 2012 can be put into action…

Donna Summer : I Feel Love