Today, I came across a video….actually a series of videos. As I went through all of the videos, I noticed , that none of the other artists featured in the videos, were acknowledged at all. Not one Single name….it was just became a series of  videos that sent the message “see me and ignore the rest….they don’t matter…I am the only one ”

It’s really a shameful to witness, those who trip over their own ego . Integrity is replaced by Insecurity, due  to inability to acknowledge those factors or people around them who  indeed inspire and help push their vision  ( and name) further.  As much as we complain about giving credit where credit is due, and having the insatiable need to be acknowledged , none of that can ever manifest, if we don’t make the choice to do the same for those around us, especially if you are in a position of prominence. As artists,  etc, we have to acknowledge, respect , and cherish the relationships and the creativity that is being garnered by our interactions. It’s a mutual collaboration , of inspired beings  who choose to create and  share the moment and shine EQUALLY..

An employer does not exist without an employee, a  teacher does not exist without students, a Choreographer does not exist without dancers….and so on ..

So much of our history ,stories , contributions are  being swept  under a rug , stolen and lost forever , for lack of integrity, for greediness of admiration and attention.

As much as we would love to believe that we are able to stand on our own and create….we don’t. It is very rare that the germ of an idea begins solely in the our possession. Whether it be divine , or actualized,  we are inspired beings.   In everyday living or in creativity, we are led by the assistance of  a higher voice ,  or energy that pushes us forward to our evolution, if we choose to listen.

This manifests in a variety of ways…a Flash of an idea, a sound , a medium , a need,  or a meeting of a person.  Inspiration comes to us , with its humble gift , to guide us to a breakthrough within ourselves and throughout our outer realm. That is , if we choose to receive it ..or even acknowledge it .

It’s a disservice to ourselves when we choose to turn our face to wall, and choose to ignore it almost like a suicide of sorts. Its a waste, when we take the voice of inspiration, and follow it, only to dismiss it ever existed at  all.

We can’t talk about , …eh hem…Truth in our culture  , if we can’t simply acknowledge the fellow artists and peers that were a part of our journey.We can’t talk about credit, if we ourselves are unwilling to give credit where credit is due, to others, no matter the circumstances .We cant talk about being professionals, if we can’t as professionals behave as such towards our work and the individuals  involved in the creation of that work…

Cherish inspiration , cherish the ones around that evoke that rare gift of inspiration..Our Future and History Clearly Depends On It


© Alyssa Chloe. All Rights Reserved.

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