Toni Basil featured on the cover of After Dark magazine with autograph

Toni Basil featured on the cover of After Dark magazine with autograph
Fun Fact this cover was the inspiration for yet another iconic cover, David Bowie’s Young Americans , who she was choreographing. Don’t believe me, check it out….

After a week-long adventure soaking up the sights, the sounds, the art , the food of the streets of Paris, my senses were on overload. Just when I thought the trip could not be any more sweeter, there was the fantastic workshop at Juste Debout School  with the inspired Director, Choreographer, Singer, Original Locker, Promoter of Street Dance Ms. Toni Basil . I hadn’t seen her since I was in  LA maybe a few years ago, so it was great to see her in action dancing and teaching. As she took us through a journey of soul and rock and roll  dance from the 60’s , 70’s to the evolution and amalgamation of these dances to what would be known as Locking, Whacking and more she delivered and reiterated the most important messages that has been a big part of my evolution and philosophy ….

Dance from the soul, Get into the groove, to explore and express oneself as an individual, to be creative, and innovative for the sake of longevity of these dances ,    and to have fun and play.

And just when I thought I would be safe in the back of the class while watching and absorbing….Toni called me out to dance …with another Locking dancer, Willow, to show what she was talking about..and we had a good time….and the end of the day that is what it is all about.I’m so sad I didn’t get a chance to stay for her second class…but that was the end of my trip…and it couldn’t have ended on a much more better note


Toni Basil and me after her workshop in Paris


With Bruce Ykanji  and Toni Basil

With Bruce Ykanji and Toni Basil

Toni's Locking Workshop in Paris

Toni’s Locking Workshop in Paris
Photo: Nafallo

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