IMG_20140403_220748I know , i know its been a long time posting, but after my computer has been on sleep mode and spring came in a sweep…I am back to writing after a whirlwind of a fantastic beginning to the spring season with my first and (hopefully not last) trip to the beautiful city of Paris. Wow. I have tell you, if you have never been, you have to experience it just once. Seeing it on TV or in pictures doesn’t do it a justice. What a lovely city. But make sure you bring good shoes, cause you will be walking everywhere and your feet will be crying after.

After living in 2 of the major cities of the world, New York and London….Paris was a treat. New York City is the city of all cities, and the energy just keeps on keeping on, nonstop. And having all of that energy around and living that environment just pushes you in all sorts of directions and experiences that is truly a right of passage.

London, well, it was as cool and cosmopolitan as New York, with an element of historical relevance and sophistication that was just fascinating. So many of the New York names and sites, point back to London . So to be there was a sense of deja vu

Then there is Paris, which is loved and hated by many. But to me it is the city of G(L)’Amour ….from architecture to food , the fashions of the street, the museums…this city knows how to bring a touch of glamor and art to everyday surroundings and lifestyles. It promotes all that is Venusian …love, beauty, art , luxury and pleasure. No wonder so many people fall under the spell of Paris depending on your personality.

I am grateful that I can say that I have seen  and experienced Paris, the Louvre, the Fashion Museum, the mountain called Notre Dame (the stairs are devastating) Arc D’Triomphe and so much more….

Everywhere I turned, the people were put together so well, Puffer jackets, Trench coats, shoes, scarves, outfits, minimum makeup, messy hair , nice perfume, or cologne , with a small dog a croissant, and an attitude to match…..Ive never seen more people well dressed in the city up to now (still hope to visit Milan)  ..then again I guess that is what comes from the pressure of living in Paris…

And managed to successfully avoid the dog poop….(my biggest concern)

A crepe or croissant will never be the same for me….


At the Arc D’ Triomphe


Seines River


Mueseum of Modern Art in Paris


Napoleons Apartment @ The Louvre


In front of Moulin Rouge


At the top of Notre Dame


Sportsluv Camp: Streetground Dance Academy