IMG_20140319_174052Since I have gotten a new phone,  and that I have a lot more time on my hands , I have been tinkering with a new editor that allows me to create some home movies from my phone. So now I have a whole series of home movies that can been seen on my youtube page under the name AlyssaChloeNYC These are clips give a little insight of how I  practice  little elements  to keep my skills together.

How to practice is extremely important…because it ultimately determines your evolution. If you stay in one box, then that will be where you stay , in one box, stuck doing things one way.  However, if you try to take the little bit of what you have, chances are you can multiply it , by making a conscious choice to discover new ways of expressing an idea and making it yours. So get creative …and go outside your comfort zone ….Take what is comfortable and make it more of challenge.  Practice makes perfect. But, practice can make imperfection look amazing too. Check out the video below.

Changing Places , Familiar Faces