Picture from  Planeta's Cafe Arabesque

Photo: Kwok-Keung Cheng l-r Alyssa Chloe, Tone Persdotter, Jackie Lopez da Luz, Natalie Claesson, and Ebba Jehart

Planeta Festival in Göteborg has finished..but not without leaving with a bang. Cafe Arabesque was a magical evening that brought together legions of dancers and artists representing Culture from different parts of the World all together filling the room with an explosion of dance and passion. I was very honored to be invited to be among these artists to share two styles that have changed my Life and the way I express myself..Punking/whacking and Vogue. This year was the first year to feature these styles  to a new audience and it was a perfect fit to reflect the influences of other cultural dances into what is considered the youngest and relevant of the styles featured. And I made sure my Girls and I were ready to bring the party. It was a blast…. Thank you to Martina for her foresight and her invitation for us to be a part of this occasion …thank you to my students for all of their dedication and work and support……lastly thank you to all of the people who came to support this event .   Enjoy the show



Cafe´Arabasque på Planetafestalvalen 1 NOV